AppReview lets you access 20,706 application reviews sorted by categories of good, better, and best. From there, you can select via name, price and date released. Each application review provides a quick evaluation and a description taken from the Apple Store.

It’s a good search tool because they’ve already categorized and evaluated the apps for you. You can also quickly set up a basic profile to get their recommendations. The “Good”, “Better” and “Best” pyramid they’ve set up is a simple, convenient way to eliminate throwaway applications and check out the top selections. They also provide a featured application of the day.

It crashed three times over the course of 20 minutes, although with subsequent use, it hasn’t happened, so it’s not clear whether this is a persistent problem. The “Reviews” are brief descriptions more than practical assessments. You’re really looking at a more cluttered, less structured version of their website.

If you’re not satisfied with the App Store and you want a more filtered search tool on your iPhone, this is your best bet. Check out AppsWeLike for more personal application feedback (they actually have video interviews, if you’re really interested). AppReview could help you avoid disappointment after purchasing an application,  but doesn’t the App Store sort of do that, too? You won’t spend any money, but something that crashes so often might not be worth much time, either.

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