Around Me


Powered by Google, AROUND ME uses your current location to map out the closest restaurants, gas stations, hospitals, parking areas, etc. (There are 17 categories)

It was easy to navigate and the listings are thorough; distance is measured to the nearest yard. You can get an address, phone number, mapped-out route and step-by-step directions for every location.  It’s easy to add places to your favorites list, contacts, or to email the info to yourself. The ‘Nearby’ category lists surrounding towns, transit stations, universities and other notable locations, all with wikipedia profiles. If you’re inclined, you can post these locations on Twitter.

User-generated apps like Yelp are going to offer more valuable information if you’ve never heard of a place, so look elsewhere if you need reviews, ratings or price range. You’ll still need to do some digging if you’d rather not take your chances with the name and contact info alone.

It’s a convenient way to get a gauge on your surroundings and check out your options. Easy to use and free – why not?  I’ve lived at the same address for years and AROUND ME managed to show me a few new places  in the vicinity.

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