Astrid Task Manager


    Astrid is a task manager / to-do list which is a replacement for Android’s built-in application.

    When you first open Astrid it displays a list of your tasks, color-coded by urgency. Each task has notations that display the information you entered for them. Adding a new task is easy; you just press a large button on the main screen. When doing so you are first presented with the basic input: name, tags (for separating personal and work related tasks, for example), and general notes – enough information for most tasks.
    For the more complicated tasks, tasks with deadlines or ones for which you need frequent reminders, use the Dates and Alerts tab. The Dates section lets you pick two options for your task’s due date; the first is the actual due date, the second your own personal goal date. There’s even an option to totally ignore the task until a certain date. The Alerts section allows you to set up both multiple alerts at certain times as well as recurring ones at certain intervals. If you specified a date for the task, you can create a new event in the G1’s calendar if you prefer to keep updated that way.

    THE BAD:
    With this extensive list of features, Astrid doesn’t leave much to be desired. However, with all that’s packed in, the interface is a bit cluttered. If you have just four well-customized tasks, the task list screen is already filled up. A list of about a dozen tasks requires a good amount of scrolling just to give it a brief overview. It would be easier if it let you choose which details to display in the list. In addition, the black interface is pretty ugly and makes everything harder to read.

    As far as task management on the Android platform goes, Astrid is one of a kind. And it’s free. So if you have a complicated life, or just need help keeping track of a simple one, it should be a very useful tool.

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