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Beirut is a great drinking game, but you shouldn’t drink beer in large quantities every day. To replicate the experience without the intoxication, has released Beer Pong Challenge, a 3D Beirut simulator.

To play: tilt the iPhone to control the left and right alignment of the ball, then wait until the target moves under the cup to fire. The physics of the game is accurate.
Beer Pong Challenge can be played two ways. The first is single player mode, where you try to sink various arrangements of cups as accurately as possible within a time limit. The other mode is “versus”, where you can play one on one with a friend by passing the phone back and forth (or two on two, if you can get four people to sit down and pass around an iPhone).

Every throw takes a painstakingly long time to complete its trajectory, making the game a little dull. The graphics leave something to be desired, too… It’s actually pretty distracting how rough the 3D edges are, and how tacky and thrown together all the art is. The game supposedly has a high score system built in to track this, but currently, attempts lead you to an empty 3D room with no visible scores.

Long story short, Beer Pong Challenge is nice if you want a simple, free throwing game that reminds you of your carefree college weekends. There are a ton of other beer pong games out there too, such as beer pong u, beer pong pro, or beer pong versus, some of which contain features including network play and alternate rules, but in the end, none are particularly impressive.

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  1. not bad

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