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Up-to-date videos, photos and articles about the Obama administration, categorized as “White House News,” “White House Video,” and “Newspaper Coverage.”

This is a good way to stay updated on the latest news from the White House – there is a lot of frequently updated content here. You can watch several videos of recent events, press briefings, and the President’s weekly address. The apps newspaper coverage includes articles from the LA Times, New York Times, as well as the Washington Post and it allows you follow the administration’s blog and Twitter account. The basic format is easy to navigate and categorized appropriately so browsing is fairly convenient. If you don’t want to sit through a video or read an article, you can peruse recent news photos with a brief caption for a quick update.

You get what you pay for as far as design is concerned – a very plain interface with a headlines, subheads and descriptions. There are also small ads on the bottom, which feels wrong for a presidential app.

Want to stay up-to-date on White House News on your phone without watching all of that other news? This is a good way to go. Depending on your level of commitment, you can spend anywhere from five minutes to an hour to browsing through the information here. If you want an upgrade, BriefRoom is a $1.99 application with a similar function and the Obama! game provides a lighter, more interactive way to enjoy our president.

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