Paper Toss


Paper Toss is a free game with a simple premise: Flick a virtual ball of paper across a virtual office and sink it into a virtual trash can.

There are three levels in Paper Toss; easy, medium, and hard. Paper Toss is set in an array of cubicles, (each level taking place in a different one) each meticulously detailed with desk chairs, mugs full of pens, plants, Windows XP desktops. Each environment is full of ambient office noises such as phones ringing, a crowd cheering you on if you beat your best score (and sighing when you end a good run), and nasal-voiced coworkers throwing criticism at you.

Gameplay is simple and repetitive. The speed of your ‘flick’ doesn’t affect the overall distance travelled by the ball, so the sole challenge is to flick it in the correct direction to make up for the ‘wind factor,’ embodied by a classic office fan pointing either to the left or the right, with a number scrawled on the carpet indicating how strongly it is blowing.

Paper Toss isn’t the most exciting game, but it’s free, so why not give it a shot?

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  1. cool game! a lot of fan!

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