The World Factbook

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An A-Z encyclopedia that provides standard, organized facts about every country in the World.

This is a basic World encyclopedia in an application, with information about each country arranged by Geography, People, Government, Economy, Transnational Issues, Communications, Transportation, and Military.  Each category contains outlined facts and data organized in tables. It also includes maps, national symbols and flags. If you’d rather not scroll through the alphabetical list, there is a manual search tool to get you there faster.

The loading time is noticeably slow and the entire application has a cut & paste appearance. You’ll spend a lot of time scrolling through the list of countries as well as the information provided for each one.

This is solid content with sub-par formatting; the design might be distracting but it won’t impede the application’s function. The similarly-named World Factbook Lite has a nicer interface with more organization for the same cost – anything else is going to cost at least $.99. If you’re curious about different countries… at all, this will hold your interest at no expense.

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