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TwitterFon is a free twitter client for iPhone and iPod Touch.

TwitterFon is simple, free, and attractive. You can read your friends’ tweets, and if you click on an arrow at the right of the tweet, you go to a page for that particular tweet. On that page, you can see the tweeter’s information and a tweet timeline, reply to the tweet, send a direct message, or re-tweet with the push of a button. Buttons on the bottom of the screen let you view your friends page, @mentions, direct messages, favorite tweets, and search. It’s easy to use and has all the basic twitter functions.

It’s ad-supported, so there’s a banner at the top. You can only see the most recent tweets – it doesn’t automatically store older tweets, even ones that are unread.

There’s a pro version for $4.99 that auto reloads, scrolls automatically to first unread tweet, and lets you upload pics to TwitPic, view trending topics, and do a vicinity search for friends using GPS. For bells and whistles, you can’t beat TwitterFonPro, but for most people’s daily social networking needs, TwitterFon is a good choice.

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