Wattpad is eReader billed as “the world’s most popular e-book community”. It is more interactive than most other reader apps, with lots of user-generated content.

The main selling point of Wattpad is the social element. When you read something you like, you can share it via email, twitter, or facebook. In addition, you can send feedback, visit wattpad.com, and “vote” for books you like. Wattpad also includes fanfiction, from short stories up to novel-length Harry Potter books. The library comes pre-loaded with several real books as well. Similar to Stanza, it includes a lot of 19th century material, but distinguishes itself by adding early 20th- F. Scott Fitzgerald. As you’re using it, you can press a button and have the program scroll for you (at adjustable speeds), which is more useful than one might expect.

Because there’s a lot of user-generated content, and readers can comment on what they’ve read, there are plenty of “stories” written by people looking for advice (ex: “In love with 3 boys, who should I pick?”). You can also search for other content, but the interface, while attractive, doesn’t exactly put thousands of books at your fingertips. When searching, you need to make sure to choose the correct category, or you may get a “no results” message when what you want is actually on there. Scrolling on the search page isn’t always responsive, and it’s really easy to accidentally click the banner for quizzes and ads on the bottom.

If you’re just looking for a plain reader, this isn’t the best way to go, but the fanfiction and the social element give it a place on any reader’s iPhone… if you’re into that sort of thing.

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