Phone Flicks – Netflix for the iPhone

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Phone Flicks gives you on-the-go access to your Netflix queue, activity, recommendations, and reviews.

This 3rd party developer is approved by (but not affiliated with) Netflix. It has full functionality; everything is there – you can add or remove films from your queue (handy for those cocktail party film recommendations), view your recent activity (“What was that movie we saw last week?”), search or browse movies, and even change the order of your queue. This app nearly eliminates the need for the Netflix website.

The app is chockablock with information – and is a bit slow as a result.

You can also add movies to your Netflix account through other apps – the terrific “Now Playing” comes to mind – but if you’re looking for something simple, something just for Netflix, which has all of Netflix’s functions, Phone Flicks is as complete an app as you could hope for.

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