THE DESCRIPTION: is an app that allows you to search for local car dealers and vehicles.

THE GOOD: is an easy way to find a lot of cars to fit any preference. To find a vehicle, you enter whether you want new or used, your desired make, model, mileage, year, price, and location. You can specify your maximum price within 1,000. Many online car listings have much broader price categories than this; if you have a specific price ceiling that is not at a 5,000 or 10,000 mark, the GetAuto search is more helpful than most. Most results have pictures (many up to 10 or 12), and every car result includes the dealer’s contact info, directions, email, website, and a contact name. From the app, you can call or email the dealership, view it on a map, email the listing to a friend, or view the dealer website. You can also save favorites and revisit recent searches. Find a Dealer works much the same way as Find a Vehicle; you put in location, make (optional), and the distance you are willing to travel.

Many of the results say price unavailable, which means you might get results that are out of your price range – you’ll just need to call the dealer to find out. The list of nearby dealers is long, but not entirely complete.

GetAuto is the best free car-finding app available. iAuto, which has a similar purpose, is slower than GetAuto and has no search by specific model; instead, you search by type of car and one or more makes. This makes iAuto good for a cursory search of a basic car type, but not useful if you have very specific needs.

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