Job Coach

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Job Coach has one career coach’s views on the job interview and application process.

According to the App Store, you can read user reviews of their job interviews.

This is just one person! Should you trust this? The answer is no. The app is low-rent; the pages have a grating early-90s website style. The advice is all common sense –
beyond obvious to anybody who is smart enough to be employable. There are four categories: about, pep talk, ask, and community, but they’re all just different pages of one doc. There’s nothing in the community section, despite the fact that the App Store has pictures of user posts.

Search for “job” on the App Store, and you mostly find Bible apps. Real free job search apps are few and far between, and mostly mediocre. Job Coach, however, is far and away the worst. The Jobs app by Career Builder gives listings by location and categories. Job
Search from is compatible only with iPhone, not iPod Touch, but if you have an iPhone, get that instead.

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