This is tool that uses the Golden Ratio, or “Phi”, to measure and rate facial beauty in the photos you upload.

Step-by-step directions demonstrate how to measure the distance between certain points on any face you upload. The app will provide a 1-10 “beauty” rating according to the golden ratio of art and mathematics (1.618…). Once you’ve rated a photo, you can save it to your gallery.

The app offers a very limited function for a very silly purpose; it tells you how pretty you are after you spend ten minutes manually mapping out your features. The measurement process is also pretty tedious and the crosshairs are somewhat difficult to control with your finger.

As someone with access to a mirror and exposure to other people, you’re probably not clueless about your own face. If you’re looking for a standard to measure your facial aesthetics against, this application can help. After you upload the right photo and get your rating (and maybe some for your friends), the service becomes pretty useless. Try “Hot or Not’ if you really want some solid feedback.

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