Real Soccer 2009

Real Soccer 2009_pic2

Real Soccer 2009 simulates an exhibition match or international cup tournament soccer games.

You’ll have fun playing either an exhibition match or taking on the world in an international cup tournament.  There are 198 teams with real players’ names, 12 stadiums to play in, and real time multi-player action.  With the two button d-pad, you might think there isn’t a lot to the controls, but when you combine this with tapping and dragging, the options are really impressive.  Using the 8-way directional pad lets you run diagonally and avoid your opponents.  For example, if you tap the pad twice and hold, your player sprints. You can also perform impressive tricks such as spin moves and one-twos.  The graphics are impressively stunning and the sound matches perfectly to this game.

There’s not much to complain about, except for the fact that matches are short – they’re over in about 15 minutes.

Real Soccer lives up to its name and delivers an impressive gameplay for the iPhone! If you’re a soccer fan, this is definitely worth adding to your collection.  Other gamers may want to consider buying a different application.  Then again, it’s only $0.99 so there’s no real harm in trying it out.

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