Offender Locator

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Offender Locator allows you to locate registered sex offenders within range of the address you enter.

You can search using your current location, an address from your contact list, or any street address you enter. Your search results include a name, photo, address and description of each offender. You can also see a brief description of their crimes as well as a map of the sex offenders in your area.

The search results load somewhat slowly and the description for each offender’s crime is usually a run-on, vague, chopped-up series of sentences. Also, the concept is a little strange, and more than a bit creepy; this is less of a utility and more of a prurient entertainment application/ violation of privacy.

If searching for sex offenders online doesn’t cut it for you, you may find this option more convenient. Once you search for offenders from a few locations, you probably won’t open it again. These people are also registered, so they probably don’t pose more of a threat than the average stranger. Try “Most Wanted” to get details about the FBI’s most wanted criminals.

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