Coffee Spot Lite

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“Coffee Spot Lite” locates coffee shops in your vicinity.

Coffee Spot Lite lets you use your current location to find coffee shops within a custom radius. The app identifies not only major chains like Dunkin’ Donuts, Peet’s, or Starbucks, but also local small businesses. Each entry includes the coffee shop’s name, address, phone number and distance from your current position. You can filter results by chain and map out them out with Google Maps.

The distance figures aren’t always exact, and the app may not recognize every location in the area. Sometimes, the names of independent stores are misquoted or misspelled. You can’t search manually for a particular shop or access any data beyond contact information – no hours, reviews, or descriptions, which could be helpful, especially for independent cafes.

This is a solid search tool for coffee shops in the area, with good amount of variety. Any time you’re somewhere new, you can use this to find the nearest place to grab some coffee. If you’re sick of the major chains, the app is particularly useful for locating alternatives. You can try “Coffee Finder” if you’re only interested in Starbucks or “Dunkin’ Run” to stick with Dunkin’ Donuts, but in truth, you lose nothing by giving yourself a variety of places to choose.

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