iFirstAid Lite


“iFirstAid Lite” covers basic first aid procedures.

Learn which steps to take when someone is hurt or injured before professional help arrives. The app provides basic directions for dealing with bleeding, burns, choking and poison, as well as instruction in CPR procedures. The information is outlined and clear, and some sections include simple diagrams for certain steps. The CPR section also distinguishes between adult, child and baby procedures.

The CPR and choking procedures do not coincide with The American Heart Associations current recommendations, so you may not want to double check the information from the app with up-to-date publications. You also won’t find any explanations that tell why each procedure works. In a real emergency, going to this app may not be a practical approach; don’t rely on it completely.

There is some solid, useful information here. If you have no knowledge of proper first aid procedures, this can help you acquire a basic sense. It may also come in handy in the meantime between professional medical treatment. I wouldn’t bet my life on it, but its worth a try if you’re interested. Check out “iFirstAid” for something more up to date, or upgrade to “Pocket First Aid & CPR” ($3.99) to get the official American Heart Association app.

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