Sharks Guide

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“Sharks Guide” features “A Field Guide to the Sharks of the World” in full text.

With this app, you can access an entire shark textbook on your mobile device. This is a very thorough guide to different shark species; you can learn just about everything you need to become well-versed about the animal or just to be able to identify individual types. Use the index to browse particular chapters or start from the beginning. There are several diagrams illustrating each type of shark and label their distinguishing features.

The content would work much better in its original, large textbook format; the text in the app is very small and difficult to read, so you’ll have to zoom in on each page for any legibility. All of the images are line drawings; you won’t find any photographs or even colored illustrations here.

This is a 2005 textbook on sharks that is available on your mobile phone. The content is poorly suited to this format, so it will definitely be a struggle to read it on the small screen. If you’re very interested in thorough, in-depth detail about sharks, check out the textbook instead. This is the only application that focuses on sharks, but you can try “Fish” ($1.99) if you’d like to learn about different types of Northwoods fish.

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