Boston Local News Free

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“Boston Local News Free” allows you to access some Boston news media through your mobile.

You can check out local Newspapers, TV news, Magazines & Blogs, as well as Weather through the application. Read the latest from the Globe, The Herald, Boston Magazine, The Business Journal and others. The app is simple and straightforward.

You can’t access any of the news content inside the application; the links in each section will only direct you to the internet page. If you actually want to browse through each news source using this application, it’s going to be a very slow, tedious process. There are also ads on the bottom margin of the screen.

This is just a collection of a few Boston News media links. You’ll find the best news sources here, but it’s much easier to access this content on the internet. Unless you like reading internet pages on your mobile screen, don’t bother with the application. Upgrade to the paid application ($.99) to get rid of the ads, or check out “Boston Business Journal” to read the publication’s articles on your phone.

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