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“FontShuffle” is an organized database of fonts you can use for reference.

All fonts are grouped by basic category, sans serif, serif, script, etc. From there, you can check out more specific styles such as Venetian, French, Classical, Modern and more. Once you access a particular list of fonts, you can click on individual varieties and read “The quick brown fox…” to see all of the letters written in that manner. Bookmark the fonts you like or shuffle fonts to see them in a different order.

You won’t be able to download, save, or write in any of the fonts you see. This is just a reference database, so it has no use beyond that.

This is an easy way to browse through fonts and see what you like for reference. Unfortunately, you can’t use the app for anything but reference and comparison, so you may not get much use out of it. “What The Font” offers a very similar service and “Type Drawing” ($1.99) will let you draw and design using typography.

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