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“ShopStyle Mobile” allows you to access “all of the stores you love” and shop from your mobile.

Browse by brand or item category, including clothing, handbags, shoes, accessories and jewelry. You can view an alphabetical list of all brands or check out the top brands. Once you select a specific category, you can flip through images of individual items and see details, price, and where to buy. If you have a spending limit, you can also customize the price range of your results. There is a wide variety of brands and styles, and everything is well organized and user-friendly.

When you find something you like, you won’t be able to buy directly through the application and you’ll be redirected to a web page. You won’t be able to modify your search by more than one factor, so it may be difficult to find a specific shirt from a certain brand quickly. The app also runs somewhat slowly when it’s loading images.

This is an extensive, all-in-one shopping guide for top brands and styles. If you want to shop for fashion merchandise through your mobile, this is your best option. At the very least, it can help you find something you want to buy, even if you want to purchase the item from another source. Check out “iShoes” if you’re mainly interested in shopping for shoes.

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