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“WiFi Finder” locates places that offer wireless internet near you.

Use your current location or enter your own search to find the nearest WiFi providers. You can filter by distance or type of location, including cafes, libraries, offices, and hotels. Each listing provides an address, phone number, distance and whether or not you have to pay for the internet connection. You can also map out your search results and bookmark your favorite locations.

Depending on your location, your results may be out of date. You also need WiFi in order to use this application and find WiFi, which defeats the purpose of the application. There’s no way to search for a specific location or enter your own WiFi provider.

THE BOTTOM LINE: It definitely varies according to where you are, but the application features a lot of WiFi hotspots. If you’re in a new place or you want to find all of the options in your area, this is a handy tool. Still, it’s completely useless if you don’t have an internet connection, which is exactly what you’re trying to find. Upgrade to “Spots – The WiFi Hotspot Directory” ($1.99) to access the most WiFi locations without an internet connection.


WiFi Finder

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