Cartoon Wars

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Cartoon Wars from BLUE is an arcade game with elements of real time strategy (RTS) and Castle defending. You control the number of attacking army units and direct the constant stream of arrows shooting from the top of your castle where the mighty crossbow is positioned.

It is highly satisfying to destroy your cartoon enemies. Strategy and playing style are enjoyable to learn and improve on. There are many stages of play as well as upgrades for units and bows. Your fame, should you do well, will be displayed in the online ranking system.

The game still contains bugs, which will hopefully be repaired soon. Receiving a phone call on your iPhone resets the game without saving your progress. The final game levels are overwhelmingly difficult, because many cartoon monsters with high energy levels are attacking you at once. Difficult levels are usually time-consuming, exhausting, and frustrating no matter how good you are.

Cartoon Wars is a valuable app to have. For lovers of fantasy wargames, it will be a source of seriously enjoyable game play.

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  1. Sick of the same old fantasy 'type' games, I was very excited to come across this review.I am officially hooked on this game and have successfully played it while procrastinating for my sat's.

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