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Little Cook lets kids mastermind meals before they are judged by a taster. Children can choose to create either a soup, omelet, pizza, salad or an ice cream sundae, and add up to eight items onto their dish. The usual toppings are there (pepperoni and cheese for the pizza, and chicken and rice for the soup), but Little Cook also includes choices like green peppers for the sundae and sprinkles for the salad. Kids can make yummy foods – or wacky ones.

Entertaining, creative and fun for kids – and better for parents looking ahead to the coming season of long shopping lines and car rides. The app has bright colors and the easy-to-understand instructions are great for children. The food critic’s responses make it fun for kids hoping to either impress her or gross her out. The sound is good, and the little girl eating and grading the food at the end had many different responses. Also, when a child touches the picture of a food, the word flashes on the screen and the “critic” says them out loud so the app helps children learn word recognition.

The game is simple and does not have difficulty levels or a changing critic, which is good for younger kids but children older than 7 might be too old for it.

Little Cook is a great 15-minute distraction for small children that encourages creative thinking- and may get them to try something other than chicken fingers.


  1. Cool game for cool price! :)

  2. I like the graphics. Cool colors, nice bubbly feel to it.

  3. Amazing game – super cool. My 4 year old was playing for a looong time!

  4. I got it for my daughter but ended up playign it myself for a bit too long…I really liked the sound on this one. The little girl's voice sounds great. Fun little game!

  5. This is a great new game for little kids. I have not played it yet, but the screen shots look very pleasant and cheery. It definitely deems appropriate for the younger age groups. I plan on showing my colleagues who have younger children.

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