Earthcomber is location-based navigation app that helps find you things (or even friends) in the area—from shopping and entertainment hot spots to places of interest or even just your average everyday necessities.

It’s really quite useful for finding whatever you’re looking for without knowing exactly where to find it, even if it’s something very specific. Just add a keyword for whatever you’d like to search in the “radar” located in your toolbar and it will come up with suggestions in seconds. If you wish to notify your friends of your location, it’s very useful for doing so. It’s an easily customizable app, and very simple and straightforward to use.

You must register to get the most out of it. If searching for something specific, sometimes the results can be too general to be listed within the same category (i.e. If you for search something like Asian Restaurants, Mexican restaurants will show up in the same search). Some business and address information can be inaccurate or out of date. For instance, I’ve noticed that it will tell you some places to go that have been out of business for years.

Although the information can, at times, be incorrect, inaccurate, or just plain wrong—for a revolutionary tool that’s really caught on in the last decade, Earthcomber is doing the best they can in updating theirs, it’s just so rich and complex of an idea that it hasn’t been fully mastered. If you think about how many businesses in each location worldwide are constantly changing, it’s seemingly impossible for everything to be updated to the most recent times. For a free application, it’s definitely worth trying out, especially if you are an adventurer and love to travel to uncharted territory.

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