Japanese is an English – Japanese/Japanese – English translated dictionary that contains more than 150.000 entries and 12.000 Kanji. It also helps you learn by can giving you the options to create your own vocabulary lists and study with the flashcard learning system using almost any list as a source. It displays conjugated forms of verbs, adjectives, and counters. You can view common Japanese expressions and Proverbs, and also Hiragana/Katakana charts, and even use it to help as a JLPT studying tool.

The features always seem to be growing. It’s very useful as a dictionary for English-Japanese and more. The fact that it works offline makes it amazingly fast at loading and searching.

Not the best for learning Japanese-English, as it could use a direct kanji input for Japanese, as opposed to Chinese.

If you are a Westerner visiting Japan, living there, or just plain trying to learn it, you’ll find that it’s probably the best Japanese-English dictionary and its other features make all the better. Not to mention, it’s always being updated and you can get them free of charge.

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