Popular Science Popeye iShort

A blast to the past, Popular Science is a Paramount-produced series from the late 1930’s. A blend of science, inventions, and classic Hollywood film, this iShort contains the complete episode 5 from 1938 and is packed with extra features!

Exclusive to the Apple store, this theatrical short cannot be found in any stores or on Netflix. In addition to the short itself, the app also contains a 6 minute “making of” documentary and a photo gallery of 10 photos. A gift to fans, these photos can be saved as wallpapers for the iPhone or iPod Touch welcome screen. The short has been restored from its original 35mm film quality to High Definition. This is a nostalgic app that appeals to anyone interested in science or classic film and is available at a valuable price for what it offers.

Like any video podcast or video on your iPod Touch or iPhone, this short will lose its luster quickly given its short length.

A great app for anyone looking to travel back to a different decade and relive classic Hollywood film, Popular Science Popeye iShort will take viewers back to the glory days of this Academy Award-winning series. Overall, despite its short length and low replay value, its price and restored quality are reasons enough to check out this iShort!

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