Find The Time

Find the time is an app made to help people balance their schedules. It lets you input your activities and concludes if you are overloading, under loading, or are well-balanced.

An Internet connection is not required, so you can use this app anywhere. It is relevant for a wide audience since it has flexible categories that the user can choose. It is a fun app to use for scheduling, and it is great for college students trying to balance schoolwork and sleep. It is also great tool for parents trying to balance work and family life. This app shows everything in numerical and chart form, so it might surprise you with the amount of time that a given activity takes in your day or week. The app saves all of its data into the iPhone or iPod Touch, and is very powerful and simple to use.

This app only shows you objective amounts of time spent on activities. It might be better if the app showed ways to improve time management. Instead, it only provides the first step towards better time budgeting: awareness.

A great investment for its price, this app will make people aware of how they spend their time and facilitate their scheduling.

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