Framechannel is a great app to use on your iPad when it is docked at a desk. It takes all loaded photos and portrays them as a slideshow. It allows you the user to extend past the normal slideshow to zoom, rotate, and swipe through photos using the iPad’s touch screen abilities. This app also provides users with access to over 1000 channels of content, including news, photography and entertainment.

For iPad users, this is a good substitute for a digital photo frame. Resolution is great on high quality photos. It can sync with your computer making it a photo frame you can take anywhere, which is good for iPhone users. It takes the place of keeping photos in your wallet to show people. Lastly, its ability to view content directly by clicking the photo link is great since it doesn’t make the user find the story from a different route. Also, it has a great function for social network photo sharing.

While the slideshow is a great function of the app, the link directing is still not very good. It has to be figured out and debugged by the developer for future version. They have improved it since the original version, but so far the direct link capability is subpar to the abilities of the slideshow.

Not without its flaws, Framechannel is a great app for both the iPhone and iPad. It doubles as a digital photo frame, and replaces for iPhone users the old tradition of carrying photos in your wallet. It is low on space storage, and there currently exist both a free and a $1.99 version of the app. I would download this app today.

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