Pooper Scooper: The Game

Pooper Scooper is a fast-paced game for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad that makes scooping dog poop fun since there is no mess! You earn points for every poop you scoop; the higher your score, the harder the game gets.

This app comes with great, eye-pleasing graphics. It is a cute game to play that has 3 difficulty levels. It is easy to learn and great for killing time. Controls are very responsive, and the difficulty setting changes will keep you busy. It has high replay value.

Music becomes repetitive and monotonous. The game also only has 3 levels, so once you master hard mode there is nothing left to challenge the user. Gameplay does not change throughout.

This is a fun game that is great for killing time. However, it provides no real user challenge and will lose its novelty quickly. That said, the graphics are nice, gameplay is easy-to-learn, and the game is just pure, silly, and fun.

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