Hero of Sparta

Play as King Argos and fight your way to Mt. Olympus while encountering dragons, beasts, mortal enemies and even the wrath of the gods! If you have ever played God of War on the PSP3, mix that with the movie 300 and you get Hero of Sparta.

In this game, you must defeat enemies and cut down monsters while trying to find orbs for magic, health, and points. “Hero” provides you with 5 weapons for your slaying needs, a few basic attacks, and several bonus powers.  The graphics in this game are amazing and the fighting is thrilling and intense.  The bosses you encounter at the end of each level come from Greek mythology. The controls are so smooth, it becomes second nature to control Argos.  This is a terrific game.

Don’t expect many updates for this game, except for increases in sound quality or compatibility.

This game used to cost $10.00, but with the recent price drop to $1.99, it’s a steal! Although the hacking and slashing in “Hero of Sparta” is somewhat comparable to other fighting games, the detailed graphics here are superior: the artistry of the background, buildings, and architectural features is masterful.

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