Bloons TD

Balloons entering a maze at one end must not be allowed to float through the entire maze without being popped! You must place a limited number of icons in the right places surrounding the maze, which will fire artillery and pop the balloons.  You gain money for popping balloons. Money allows you to buy more icons of towers, monkeys with bows and arrows, and cannons that pop the balloons. You lose health for every balloon that makes it to the end of the maze.

The game is difficult but enjoyable and fun.  You might find yourself stumped at times to figure out how to shoot down balloons on higher levels (which fly by your weapons unharmed), but figuring out the proper arrangement is quite satisfying. Get ready to play this game for quite a while.

It would be great if there were more mazes to play in, since these would provide a more creative gaming atmosphere.

Bloons Tower Defense is recommended to people who like strategy games that are challenging and exciting! The game is more complicated than most dollar-apps, and its $2.99 price is reasonable for the entertainment that it provides.

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