Runner’s World

Runners World aims to help you find the best running shoe possible. By first splitting up shoes into five categories (Motion-Control, Stability, Neutral-Cushioned, Performance Training, and Trail), the app will then show you reviews based on your selections. After choosing a shoe, the app will find the nearest stores to your location where you can purchase your selection.

It is, since updates have been released, becoming a very useful app. It will find the inventories of select shoes and tell you if your size is available, which saves you a trip to the store. In addition, it has videos for most shoes, which is great for beginners. Lastly, Runners World looks for the “best” shoes and not the “best known brands” of shoes. This will bring insight to lesser known but higher quality brands.

One downside of this app is that it is still in the process of becoming less of a “buyers guide” to shoes and more of a “shoe selecter.” Also, the GPS needs some more work finding locations. A problem with the app is its lack to recognize bigger stores like Foot Locker or Dick’s Sporting Goods. While the app claims that it wants to find more specific retailers that cater to niche running shoe markets, it does not recognize the fast-paced American culture of wanting things now. I think it would be better if the app had the option of wanting to show department stores that carry a select shoe or not showing stores such as these.

Updates have shown great progress and make this a great app. If you would not like to sit in a store discussing with a salesperson all day, I highly recommend trying this free application.

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