Mus?e Du Louvre

The Description:
With “Musee Du Louvre,” you can explore the world famous French museum with a few touches of your iPhone screen.  Full of high quality images of some of the more well-known pieces, and even a few narrated video tours, this application gives the user a great feel for what it may be like to actually visit the Louvre (and perhaps some incentive).

The Good:
With great photography, cinematography, and narration, this application can give you a very informative introduction to this world class museum.  Easy to navigate, the user can explore the space of the museum itself, as well as the artworks within.  Along with each work of art comes an explanation of the work as well as a detailed description of the materials involved.  The video tours are especially engrossing, as they simulate more realistically what it is like to move through the museum in three dimensions.

The Bad:
With only a limited number of works catalogued, this application certainly would not satisfy a true art history buff with a more in depth knowledge of the wide array of works that are displayed in the museum.  Some of the images of the paintings do not fill enough of the iPhone screen to display a satisfying amount of detail.

The Bottom Line:
While this application may not teach much to an individual with an art history degree, it is still a great and informative introduction to the very important world treasure that is the Louvre.  The images and information are truly fascinating and they momentarily take you on a journey to another time and place.

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