Happy Houred

The Description:
“Happy Houred” is a handy application which can inform you of all of the happy hours going on at bars or restaurants in whatever area you happen to be in.  Choose the type of bar or restaurant you are looking for, the type of deal/offer you would ideally like to find, and the time of day, and Happy Houred will present a map indicating the specific locations of the bars that match your criteria.  Click on any given bar or restaurant on the map to find out the name, address and phone number of the establishment.

The Good:
This application is an amazing tool for any party animal on a budget.  In addition to finding crucial information about establishments in your area, you can view reviews that real people have submitted describing their experience with the places.  Also, the Google maps that are provided are very detailed and easy to follow.

The Bad:
There is not much downside to this application except that you might have trouble finding bars in smaller towns.

The Bottom Line:
Happy Houred is an ingenious concept for an application and would prove quite useful especially if you are exploring a new city or looking to enjoy a happy hour in your hometown.

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