Horoscopes and Tarot

The Description:
The Horoscopes application offers a lot in the ways of astrology and cosmically-influenced advice.  This app includes daily horoscopes for every sign, as well as virtual tarot readings related to love, professional, and personal life.  Also, there is a feature where you can ask questions to supposedly professional psychics!

The Good:
For those who enjoy astrology, the Horoscopes application can provide you with free daily horoscopes and tarot readings.  The advice and the readings can be fun and interesting.  Sometimes they can even seem somewhat accurate, if only in abstract ways.

The Bad:
The psychic feature of the application is a little strange and consists of asking questions and then getting sent answers to your iPhone.  Many people who do not believe in astrology will find the horoscopes and the tarot readings inaccurate and silly, but they would probably not be downloading this app in the first place.

The Bottom Line:
This application offers psychic and horoscope materials in a convenient and simple way.  The horoscopes application can be fun in a similar way to ouija boards if it is approached in a lighthearted manner.

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