The Description:
Truth or Dare is a computerized version of the popular old party game.  Simply select how many players are in the game, type in their names and the fun gets started!  Shake the iPhone in order to randomly select which player goes next, then select the truth button or the dare button.  The application then presents either a question or an action depending on which option is chosen.  Shake the iPhone again to find out who goes next!

The Good:
The interface makes the game fun and easy to use.  Also, the questions and the dares are amusing and often silly, leading to an enjoyable time.  This app brings the fun of the well known game without having to think so hard or take any dangerous risks.

The Bad:
The particular questions and dares contained in this version of the game are quite tame and may be boring to some players.  For more exciting and mature content, some users may prefer to try downloading the 18+ version.

The Bottom Line:
Truth or Dare is a fun and easy to use application that initiates spontaneous shenanigans and thoughtful discussions in small social gatherings at the shake of an iPhone.

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