Sex Jokes

The Description:
The Sex Jokes application offers a seemingly never ending slew of raunchy sex-related jokes geared towards an adult audience.  Many of the jokes are longer, narrative style jokes that are sure to offer chuckles within an adult social setting.  A very simple app, Sex Jokes simply offers plain text over a background image of a pair of fishnet-wearing feminine legs.

The Good:
Many of the jokes are relatively compelling, satirical narratives with somewhat unexpected and creative punch lines.  The application has a very straightforward setup.  Simply start the application and tap the next button to view a new joke, or the previous button to look at an earlier joke again.  Many of the jokes are sure to be crowd pleasers within a bar setting or an adult, alcohol-based social event.  Whether you choose to try and memorize some of the raunchy comedic stories and pass them off as your own, or be more forthcoming and whip out your iPhone, is entirely up to you.

The Bad:
This application is very bare and minimalistic aesthetically, with simple pages of white text over a background image.  Some of the jokes may come across as cheesy and clich? to some users.

The Bottom Line:
Although the application does not have much to offer aesthetically, it gets the job done presenting absurd and over the top sexual jokes that are sure to please in a laid-back and mature social setting. There exists both a paid and free (lite) version of this app.

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