Sleep Machine

The Description:
Sleep Machine provides all of the capabilities of an expensive white noise machine in a well designed iPhone application.

The Good:
Sleep Machine has a good variety of soothing sounds to help you fall asleep including rain, crickets, thunder, wind, and simple white noise.  This application would be very useful for people who live in cities and need some soothing white noise to block out noisy city sounds or neighbors.  The most unique feature of Sleep machine is that you have the option of having up to three sounds going simultaneously.  It also has individual volume controls for each sound.  The sounds are quite good and authentic sounding.  Sleep Machine even has a timer if you want it to automatically stop at a certain point during your slumber.

The Bad:
There could always be more sounds available, but this is just nitpicking. It really is quite an excellent app!

The Bottom Line:
Sleep Machine is a very useful and comprehensive white noise machine for the iPhone.  Anyone who has trouble sleeping or simply enjoys going to sleep to the soothing sounds of crickets will love this app.

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