The Description:
This application brings the vast knowledge that is available at the Dictionary.com website to a convenient and easy to use iPhone application.  With a dictionary, thesaurus, and “word of the day” function, this application grants access to any definition contained within the English dictionary.

The Good:
This application is incredibly useful, convenient and simple to use.  You never have to go another moment wondering about the meaning of a word you come across in conversation or in reading.  The application even includes an audio clip for every word that allows the user to hear exactly how the word is correctly pronounced.  Another nice function is the “recent” portion of the app, which keeps track of all of the words you have recently searched.

The Bad:
The only real mark against the iPhone application version of dictionary.com is that it does not include all of the functions of the website, such as the translator and daily crossword.

The Bottom Line:
While the dictionary.com iPhone app does not have all of the diverse functions that the internet site has, it certainly does enough to make it incredibly useful to many word curious iPhone users.

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