Sculptmaster 3D

The Description:
Sculptmaster is an application that allows you to sculpt and manipulate shapes in three dimensions.

The Good:
Some of the things you can do with this program really are quite amazing.  The virtual material that you use in the app seems to be similar to clay.  You build up your shape by tapping and dragging your finger anywhere on the screen within the three dimensional cube-shaped environment and use the water tool to smooth out any areas you would like.  The most impressive feature of the application is definitely the ability it gives you to rotate the three-dimensional environment and work from literally any side of the shape you are sculpting.  You also have the ability to change the color of both the background and the clay itself.

The Bad:
It does not seem that it is possible to build geometric shapes or create sharp edges in this app, and there are not many different tools or settings options.

The Bottom Line:
While Sculptmaster may not be advanced enough to prove productive for professional sculptors or architects, it is definitely a fun and entertaining novelty application.  The tools and settings are certainly minimal but offer enough to have fun and create some interesting shapes. Sculptmaster is undoubtedly a fun and fascinating application.

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