Distant Assassin (Classic)

The Description:
In Distant Assassin, assume the role of a highly paid assassin sniping out individuals in crowded areas from a long distance.  Using your high-powered telescopic scope, search the constantly moving crowd for the individual that matches the picture.  In “sniper challenge” mode, make your way through increasingly difficult levels, gathering more money for every kill you successfully make.  In each level you are assigned multiple people to take out.  You lose money for every innocent person killed and every missed shot.  Each level has an increasingly larger and faster crowd.  In “rapid fire” mode, try to take out as many of the assigned individuals as you can within a limited amount of time.

The Good:
This game cleverly combines elements of a stationary first-person shooter with a “Where’s Waldo” book.  Using one finger, move around the sight of the scope to find who you are looking for and with the other finger hit the “fire” button when your crosshairs are on target.  You can also zoom in and out with the sliding zoom button on the left side. The game is made somewhat more dynamic by the fact that individuals move at different speeds across the screen and that there are multiple individuals with the same face but different clothing.  The arcade-style game is fun and slightly addictive.

The Bad:
The zoom function on the scope is often quite hard to use since the button is so small and fingertips are so large in comparison.  The levels are short and could be more interesting and engaging.  The levels also seem to progress in difficulty in a non-linear way.  The second level suddenly contains far more people that move much faster than the first.

The Bottom Line:
Distant Assassin is a fun and easy to play game.  It somehow manages to be light-hearted and cartoonish while maintaining its sniper-assassin theme.  While it has some flaws, it is certainly worth a trial download.

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