Excuse Generator Pro

The Description:
Excuse Generator offers a variety of excuses for different situations to help you get off the hook more smoothly.  Whether you need an excuse to tell your boss, or if you need to get out of a phone call by having it interrupted, Excuse Generator is the tool for you.

The Good:
Probably the most clever aspect of the excuse generator is some of the audio phone-call interruptions it offers.  Everything from static, to an alarm, to the sound of a car crash can get you out of an unwanted telephone conversation.  One good thing about the text excuses is that they offer excuses for both school and work situations.

The Bad:
The actual written excuses that this application offers are often quite ridiculous and unbelievable, but in some cases your boss or teacher may think they were TOO crazy to have been made up.

The Bottom Line:
Excuse Generator is a clever idea that could be improved upon if more thought was put into it.  The audio phone interruptions are exceptionally clever but it some cases a bit cruel.  For example, making someone think you were in a car crash just to get out of a phone call is not what most would call good moral judgment. Depending on how you plan to use Excuse Generator, it may be an app you could find some value in.

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