Mixologist: Drink Recipes

The Description:
Mixologist is an application that provides a database of just about any mixed alocoholic beverage you could think of.  From martinis, to hot drinks, to cocktails, Mixologist allows you to find out how to make your favorite drinks on your own, or find brand new drinks to try.

The Good:
With the ability to browse by ingredient or by category, Mixologist makes it easy to find your favorite drink recipes or come across new ones.  The search function further improves the efficiency of the program.  For each drink, you are given the ingredients as well as technical aspects of the recipe that help you make the drink as delicious as possible.  Another great feature is the “virtual liquor cabinet” where you can find a drink by selecting the ingredients you want to use. Players also have the ability to ad custom drinks to their library, in case a new favorite is not included. You can even use Mixologist to find the closest liquor store in order to make your drinks a reality.

The Bad:
With such a well rounded feature set and the ability to add any drinks that may be missing, there is very little to Mixologist worth complaining about.

The Bottom Line:
Mixologist is a very informative and useful tool for anyone from light, social drinkers to true party animals.

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