Color Shake

The Description:
Color Shake is a clever little game that combines quick thinking with the motion sensing abilities of the iPhone.  During a defined period of time, respond as quickly as you can to the two letter combinations that represent the direction you must tilt the iPhone and the color you must touch on the screen simultaneously.

The Good:
Color Shake certainly keeps you on your toes but is simple enough to never become frustrating.  With only one mode of game play, Color Shake is very simple but clever enough to prove entertaining.  The idea of just using the first initial of both the direction and the color make the tasks more interesting and challenging.

The Bad:
Color Shake is a very limited and straightforward game and may not hold its level of novelty over the course of multiple plays.

The Bottom Line:
This is a unique and clever game that is worth a try just for the brilliant use of the motion sensing iPhone system, if nothing else.  While it may not hook you the way that some other iPhone games might, it is definitely a uniquely entertaining and mind-sharpening exercise.

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