Cows in Space

The Description:
Cows in Space is sort of an interstellar bovine version of pool, combined with space invaders.  Playing as a spacecraft at the bottom of the screen that can only move side to side, use your limited amount of bullets to knock the spherically imprisoned cows into a teleportation star to send them safely back to earth.

The Good:
Once again Donut Games has managed to make an endlessly entertaining game with a very simple method of control. With only the ability to move side to side and shoot, the always changing elements of your targets are what allow the game to be more varying and dynamic.  One fun aspect of Cows in Space is that you feel yourself become better as you progress both in terms of strategy, and utilizing the gameplay physics to your advantage.

The Bad:
The only bad thing about this game is that you might end up wasting some time due to the fact that you will not be able to stop playing once you start. There are very few bad things to say about Cows in Space.

The Bottom Line:
This app is amazing. I recommend you check it out today!

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