Finger Physics

The Description:
Finger Physics puts you into a virtual playroom environment where all of the laws of real-world physics seem to apply.  Through different challenges, use the virtual blocks to solve different brain-straining puzzles and progress through the game.

The Good:
Finger Physics is a very smart and well thought out game.  The physics in the game do seem pretty authentic with laws of nature such as gravity being replicated faithfully.  The type of challenges is varied, including stacking blocks to a certain height and destroying blocks in order to guide an egg into a basket.  The whimsically child-like graphics and music come together to form a very cohesive game world to explore and have fun with.

The Bad:
The designers could have perhaps better involved the motion sensing abilities into the game to combine real world physics with the game’s physics.

The Bottom Line:
Finger Physics is a very intelligent and clever game that forces you to think and problem-solve while you are having fun.  The graphics and the different game play environments are fun and pleasing to look at. Overall, it is definitely worth checking out.

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