iTranslate Plus ~the universal translator

The Description:
Itranslate provides a simple and easy to use text language translator for the iPhone.  Simply select your starting language and the language you want to translate into, and type in the word or sentence you want translated.

The Good:
Itranslate has the ability to translate into almost any major language you could think of.  It utilizes a very straightforward and easy to use interface, and provides the translation almost as soon as you tap the translate button.

The Bad:
Itranslate, like many online translating programs, has difficulty correctly translating full sentences of some complexity.  You will find that the grammar is incorrect and does not always flow well.

The Bottom Line:
While Itranslate does not always provide the most accurate translations when it comes to complex sentences, it is definitely useful when you need to the translation of a word or a phrase on the fly.

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