3D Brain

The Description:
3D Brain is a fascinating application that allows you to study the brain along with its different parts.  It provides a three-dimensional diagram of a human brain that you can rotate in any direction with a simple slide of your finger.

The Good:
Not only does this application allow you to locate and study the different parts of the brain, but it also offers you comprehensive information on each part as well.  The best feature of the application is the list of all of the structures in the brain.  Simply choose a part of the brain from the list, and you will be provided with an image as well as information and studies relating to the structure.

The Bad:
3D Brain will obviously not replace an actual neuroscience course and simply provides you with basic information on each part of the brain.

The Bottom Line:
While 3D brain will not be creating a force of highly skilled brain surgeons, it is a very informative and well-made educational application that would make an ideal study tool.

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