Chase The Dot Plus

The Description:
Chase the Dot is a new game for the iPhone that utilizes the iPhone touchscreen in the most intuitive and direct way possible. Each level is a variation on the simple premise of touching the dots on the screen. This game requires sharp reaction time and dexterity, because these dots certainly do not sit still.

The Good:
Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the best.  Chase the dot uses the iPhone touchscreen in a very intuitive and original way.  Some of the variations on the straightforward concept are very clever, including levels like “clingy” which challenge you to keep your finger on the dot as it travels around the screen.

The Bad:
Chase the Dot may seem like a very crude and frustrating game at first.  The frustration is likely to fade away as you adjust and become better at the task, while the crudeness is something that will likely remain.

The Bottom Line:
Chase the Dot is definitely very minimal in many ways.  However, the bare graphics fit with the concept of playfully “tapping” into the capacities of the iPhone screen.  This game is a fun way to sharpen your senses and improve your touchscreen skills that can be applied to any function on the iPhone!

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